Why should you open a reselling business?


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A resale business can be a great option for first-time entrepreneurs. But just like any other online business idea, a reselling business requires a lot of patience and commitment. In this article we will tell you what a reseller means, why you should become a reseller, how to be an online reseller, how to resell business ideas, and much more.

What is a resale business?

A resale business allows you to sell products purchased from manufacturers to customers. The reseller business model of dropshipping is affordable, making it a great option for new entrepreneurs. As a reseller, you are essentially the middle man between the manufacturer and the customers. You won’t have to create your own products, and you will have a wide selection of products to choose from what to sell. Whether you want to resell clothes or resell shoes, you will quickly realize that you can sell anything. Your online resale store can expand to other niches without expensive inventory costs, additional costs, or high shipping costs.

What is the difference between a reseller and a distributor business?

A distributor buys products for resale from a manufacturer and sells them to an end consumer, or manages multiple resellers at the same time. In general, distributors buy an inventory of merchandise and tend to develop a closer relationship with the manufacturer compared to a reseller. Distributors can also work in conjunction with the manufacturer, doing activities such as marketing, labeling, and branding. Since distributors physically maintain inventory, they may feel more responsible and incentivized to sell manufacturers’ products. However, the downside to using a distributor is that they often ask for higher margins. This means that if a manufacturer has low margins, it might not be beneficial for them to work with distributors.

In a resale business, there is no inventory of merchandise to be resold. A reseller simply acts as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the customer. Between a distributor and a reseller, the resellers usually do not have such a close relationship with the manufacturer.

Why you should become a reseller

There are several reasons why you should become a reseller. From easily sourcing a diverse selection of products to lower business costs, you’ll find that starting your own online reseller business has never been easier. You will get the benefits of starting a business, like making financial gains and being able to do what you love. Here are some reasons why you should become an online reseller:

  • You can sell a wide variety of products: if you become a reseller, you can sell a wide range of products. If you resell clothes, as your business grows, you can also resell shoes, jewelry, accessories, bags, lingerie and any other related products. Adding other products to your online resale store will not cost more money, as you will only pay for the items that customers buy from your store.
  • You can open your business very quickly: a reselling business allows you to start selling the same day you open your online store. After adding some great products and some content to your store, you can start marketing to drive traffic to your online store. You can start your reseller business in as little as thirty minutes. You won’t have to wait for inventory to arrive, what’s more, you don’t have to wait for anything at all. You can set up and launch your store the same day.
  • Have no inventory: The best part of becoming a reseller is that you don’t have to carry inventory. You can use a marketplace with products to resell like Oberlo, which allows you to resell products without having to buy bulk inventory upfront. You only pay for items that customers order from your website, making it a great option for new entrepreneurs. Even if you sell niche products or boutique clothing, you can make a profit out of stock.
  • Easily expand to other verticals: If you decide to become a reseller, you won’t be limited by one product category. When entrepreneurs sell products in bulk, it can be expensive to buy inventory in bulk, pay shipping fees, and have a sufficient selection of products. However, resellers can try other niches without having to purchase additional inventory. You can increase your selection of products to resell with the click of a button.

How to make money with an online store for reselling products

  • The goal of your online resale store is to earn quick money. There are several commercial pricing strategies you can implement to ensure that your online resale store grows and remains profitable. You can also have several different marketing strategies, such as advertising and content creation, among others, to increase the sales of your business as a reseller.
  • Pricing Your Products Properly – While marketing your products is important, pricing your products correctly can help ensure your business remains profitable. Some blogs recommend making a $ 2 profit to stay competitive. This is terrible advice. Not only should the price of your product cover the cost of goods, it should also cover the cost of marketing, employees (when you start hiring), expenses like Shopify fees, and other things. As long as the price of your product makes sense for the market, you don’t need to undervalue yourself. By reducing your prices to stay competitive, your business moves closer to failure.
  • Create Ads: In general, Facebook ads tend to be the most popular option for dropshipping resellers. Impulse buying products work very well on the platform. Facebook also tends to be better than Google, as customers don’t see other competing products in ads. With Google ads, competitors will lower their prices to beat the competition, which can deeply affect your margins. With Facebook Ads, customers will only see your product ad. You will have to experiment with different products to create your ads and earn money.
  • Create content: From video marketing to blogging, content creation can help boost your brand’s presence. You will find that over time your sales will grow if you are constantly creating content for your brand. You can earn money from your blog by retargeting. The more high-quality content you create, the more likely you are to drive quality traffic to your online store.

Do you need more marketing ideas? In our article How to create a content strategy that really generates traffic, we will tell you how to make a content strategy that will help you drive more traffic to your online store. If you implement the suggestions in the article, it is likely that you will achieve your first sales in your reseller business.

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