What Is the Definition of Wholesale?


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Many people know and understand wholesale, both what it is and how it works. Many times the challenge is sourcing the right product at a decent price point and overcoming the barriers for entry. We simplify this process by offering local stores the ability to wholesale directly from us. With low MOQ’s and plenty of options, all of our current local store clients have been able to fully stock their stores and capture many more happy customers.

What Is the Definition of Wholesale?

Wholesale means that a business buys goods in large quantities directly from manufacturers or distributors, warehouses them, and then resells them to other businesses. Due to high-volume purchase orders, wholesalers are typically able to buy products from manufacturers at a lower price and add their margins. Wholesale supply means that customers can purchase products at a good price.

Benefits of Wholesale

  • Save Money

By buying products in bulk you can save money through discounts that manufacturers provide with larger orders. This means that you can get products for less while selling them for more. Depending on how much you invest initially you can get ahead of competitors through buying and selling in sheer volume.

  • Build a Network of Suppliers

Wholesalers need a good network of suppliers and manufacturers that they can rely on. Deliveries must be on time, products must be to a high standard, and relationships honored, to make sure that business runs smoothly for a wholesaler. This means that supplier relationships should be positive and well maintained so that your brand is established and sustainable.

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