What is email marketing and how is it done?


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It is estimated that by the year 2023 there will be 4.3 billion active email accounts. For that reason, email marketing is one of the most interesting and effective marketing strategies that you can use in your Oberlo dropshipping store.

However, you may feel overwhelmed by as many marketing channels as you have available to ensure a steady stream of sales.

We are not going to assess here which of the available channels is better to achieve more sales. But we can assure you that the best way to fill your sales funnel with potential clients is by doing email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is fundamentally based on sending emails to your current and potential customers, with the intention of increasing sales.

But it is not about sending mass emails when you feel like it, but about establishing a content strategy according to prior planning, aligned with the general objectives of your e-commerce.

The first thing to keep in mind when doing email marketing is that without a contact list you are not going to get great results.

Yes. It is important to clarify that with the latest RGPD and data protection laws, you will have to collect the emails of the people with whom you want to contact by email in a legitimate way and with the prior consent of the recipients.

Advantages of email marketing

If you have doubts about whether or not it is convenient for your business to do email marketing. Rest assured that your competitors are already fully involved in this type of marketing strategy.

Many online stores periodically send newsletters to their subscribers as a way to do content marketing with those who are part of their email list. While others, for example, send discount coupons by email or send messages to their customers’ mailboxes with new utilities or functionalities of their products.

The advantages of email marketing are considerable. But among all, the following stand out:

  • Scalability: you can send a mass email without its customization being affected. In fact, if you write it well, the recipient will think that you wrote it exclusively for him.
  • Positioning: if you correctly follow the basic principles of content marketing in your email marketing campaigns. You will be able to be continuously in the minds of your clients, without being tiresome or heavy.
  • Accessibility: Market segmentation has caused more and more specialized social networks to appear depending on the type of content, which causes people to use only some networks. It may even happen that many people do not use the networks. But it is very rare to find a person who does not have email.
  • Speed: the fastest and most efficient way to communicate news or promotions is through email. Therefore, this tool is perfect for announcing, for example, exceptional offers.
  • Cross-selling: many online stores take advantage of the first contacts by email. When a customer registers in the system and places their first order, to offer complementary products or upsellings with more functionalities than those initially purchased through automated emails.

Also, if you have a dropshipping business, email marketing can be very useful from three different points of view:

  • Improve the notoriety of your online store: email marketing campaigns are ideal for more people to have news of the existence of your ecommerce.
  • Provide more sales: the main goal of your store is to sell more products. And email marketing is essential for sales to skyrocket.
  • Boost your branding and your brand strategy: a good email marketing strategy will give a lot of boost to the brand image of your business.

Types of email you can send to your contact list

If you are thinking of doing an email marketing campaign, you have to differentiate the different types of email that you can send based on its purpose:

  • Newsletters: this is a newsletter that you send periodically to your contacts. In it you can report the news about your products and comment on the latest news related to your sector. While other popular online businesses design their newsletters with excerpts or summaries of the articles they publish on their blog.
  • Offers: you can also send specific emails with discount coupons or limited offers. But it is recommended that you do not articulate all your email marketing campaigns based on promotions, because these types of emails are only interesting for those who are very fond of your products.
  • Sequences of emails focused on marketing and sales: to launch a new product or present a new service. You can run an email marketing campaign with several emails that serve to generate interest in that launch.
  • Secondary emails and order tracking: in an online store, buyers must be kept informed of what is happening with their order. From the moment it is registered in your ecommerce, until the order is prepared and ready to be sent. It is convenient that you automate a series of predefined messages, so that your customers do not lose the relationship with your store.

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