What Does The Fulfillment Process Look Like?

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Once your business is set up with your logistics company, your fulfillment process starts to look pretty simple. In fact, all you really need to do is make sure they have enough inventory. In many cases, your orders can be sent directly to your logistics company and they’ll take care of packing and shipping the order.

If you run a Shopify store, there are several apps available to streamline your integration a third-party logistics. As you can imagine, this frees up a lot of time to work on other parts of your business.

“For most eCommerce business owners, we change the order fulfillment process by giving them back some of their most precious commodity—time! When order fulfillment is managed in-house, most business owners spend a significant amount of time managing staff, providing customer support, and generally managing the entire process. When order fulfillment is outsourced with a competent provider, such as Ottawa Logistics, business owners simply don’t have to spend unnecessary time worrying about shipping orders.”

What About Refunds?

Many logistics companies can also solve order fulfillment problems on your behalf. This includes processing and issuing refunds.

“Many fulfillment companies can process returns as well—and Ottawa Logistics does offer this service. Returned product can be shipped to our facility, where we inspect it for damage. If the product is damaged, we simply inform the customer and will handle it according to their specifications. If the product is in good/sellable condition, we will return it to inventory to be used on future orders.”

Can You Still Use Custom Packaging?

A great unboxing experience can be a solid point of differentiation. Customers feel more satisfied with their purchase, and are more likely to buy again or recommend you to their friends.

Unfortunately, finding a great logistics company that will work with you on this can be challenging.

“Many logistics companies, especially the larger companies, force clients to use their rigid standards when it comes to packaging and other custom needs.”

But many companies do offer this service. Even better, since warehousing and fulfillment companies have so much experience in this area, they may be able to make recommendations and help you you save money on packaging.

“However, at Ottawa Logistics, we allow companies to utilize their own custom branded packaging on all orders shipped from our warehouse. We routinely help customers by recommending creative custom packaging or packaging inserts as well as sourcing packaging at a fraction of the cost.”

If custom packaging is important to you, make sure you ask potential companies about their options, and willingness to use custom packaging.

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