What are Google Penalties and How They Will Affect You


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How can I avoid Google penalties? It is one of the big questions in the world of Internet business. Knowing how the search engine does not punish you for bad practices is essential. However, this is sometimes not easy at all.

Abiding by its rules will mean that we will have a good position for clients to see us on the Internet. However, its algorithms are constantly changing and it is vital to always stay informed of all its news. Learn about Google’s penalties and how you can avoid them.

How to know if Google has penalized me

Those of us on the Internet know that it is essential to accept the rules set by Google. Your search engine is a fundamental part of any commercial and brand strategy for companies. In order for everything to be “in favor of the user”, as one of their mantras says, the Silicon Valley giant is constantly updating itself to improve its services.

That the content is natural, of quality and that the user finds it easily implies that its algorithms and rules are changing. And with this, penalties come to web pages that do not meet their requirements. What works one day, maybe not next month. That is why it is essential to pay attention to what it requires to maintain good SEO on our website.

But how do we know if he has penalized us? First of all, it will be necessary to know the type of penalties and, later, the way to identify them.

Types of penalties

There are basically two types of Google penalties that can basically “punish” our website.

  • Algorithmic: They work generally and automatically. They are concrete implementations of Google when it finds indications of manipulations or websites that do not follow the marked rules. For example, as happened with Google Pengüin 4.0. In real time, pages with unnatural links were warned, abusing an anchor text that did not respond to coherent and logical wording. The other main one, like Panda, focuses on the quality of the content: duplicate, poor, irrelevant… that is, Pengüin affects the links and Panda affects the content.
  • Manuals: they are specific and, as the name suggests, it is an employee of the company itself who carries it out. It may be due to a particular investigation or complaint.

Find out easily if Google positioning news affects you

Knowing if we have lost search engine positioning is sometimes not easy. However, there are some symptoms that are clear when it comes to knowing it. Others are more complex and will require professionals in the field, but there are two easy keys in which you will notice that something is not in order.

The first and most obvious step: notes that you don’t get as many customers as before. If you have not implemented important changes in the structure of your website, in prices or in company policy, you have probably suffered one of these sudden changes in the algorithms.

You Google yourself and don’t appear in the same position. It can be momentary and punctual or it can be definitive. However, if the trend is to decrease more and more positions, this will become a bigger problem. All the work in organic SEO that has been implemented harshly will gradually be lost.

Have you bought links lately? Watch out. Buying links in web directories is something that has always been dangerous. Some might work well … but others could automatically seriously harm you.

Google itself warns you that it has penalized you. This happens only in cases of manual types, where it directly sends a message to the Webmaster. Obviously there is no doubt here and it is the easiest way to know if, unfortunately, they have noticed you for bad practices.

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