Keys To Avoid Penalties in Web Positioning


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In any case, it is desirable not to get to the point where you have breached the established guidelines. For this reason, there are a series of guidelines that, if you follow them, will surely avoid disappointments in your web positioning.

Always relevant and original content

It seems obvious, but there are still those who think that copying literal content from web pages is not going to happen. Any plagiarized content will carry a penalty (Panda algorithm). That is why it is necessary that everything generated on the web is original and original. Also, if it is relevant to the audience, we will have a lot of ground gained.

Eye with keywords and anchor text

This is what largely marks your positioning strategy. Choosing the right keywords is as important as knowing how to manage them with your content. Bad if many links point to the same anchor text or anchor text of the keyword, because you will run the risk of being penalized. As well as avoiding repeating the same keyword many times. For this, we insist: varied, original content and natural links.

* Bonus tip although it is not penalized by Google, you have to avoid SEO cannibalization (from a website we try to position the same keywords with different content all the time). This will slowly kill your search engine rankings.

Quality and natural links

If you create attractive content, there will be other Internet portals that will recommend you for the quality of your texts, images, etc. There is nothing better than naturally and manually generated links to redirect to your website, like selfless recommendations. This is the opposite of going to the massive purchase of links, which in the long run will only harm you. They are not natural and almost certainly not of quality.

Think of the user

It is the first thing the search engine does. So if you do, you will have nothing to fear. Write for your audience so that they find everything simple and that your texts are easily assimilable. Consistent writing, rich in content and with correctly inserted images will help the user. And, therefore, it will contribute to improving your positioning.

No excessive ads

Especially at the top of your website. This is not consistent with a good User Experience. Monetizing your online portal when you can is fine, but with some care not to break the rules. If not everything will go to waste and you will have to recover.

Be careful trying to trick the search engine

There are techniques in which it is thought that search engines can be fooled. Lie. In the long run that will penalize insurance, such as the cloaking technique. Showing different content to the user and the search engine to improve the search position is not a good idea. In fact, even the competition could warn Google of this malpractice on the Internet. There are also others such as putting hidden text where the keyword in question appears. Behind an image, on a background of the same color as the letter … All of this will only harm us.

How to recover from Google penalties

Despite wanting to do everything right, there are occasions when you can fall into non-compliance with what the search engine marks. Do not panic, because with the order, calm and clear concepts we can recover the lost position.

Focus on what caused the sanction

Broken links? Incorrect redirects? Links purchased? The first thing is to fix what the situation has caused us. If we thought it was a good idea and it has taken us to that point, we definitely have to forget to continue with it and eliminate it. It is the first step to move forward and trace our position.

In case they notify us by message manually

If a manual penalty has been given, Google itself will warn us about it. The webmaster is notified that he has broken the rules on his online portal through the Google Search Console. It is important to attend to this message in time, since if it has been complied with and the necessary efforts have been made to comply with the established rules, with a “Request for Reconsideration” this penalty can be annulled.

Improve web positioning again if it affects us automatically

Finally, and following the aforementioned guidelines and with professional payment tools such as SemRush, the lost position can be recovered. A lot of effort, a lot of seriousness in abiding by the rules, and a lot of patience to return where you once were.

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