How to increase sales in dropshipping


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Without a doubt, the number of people doing dropshiping is growing in all parts of the world. How to increase sales un dropshipping?

 Why? Because as time goes on, more people realize that it is a very effective business.

 And this time, we will explain several tips to increase sales in Dropshipping.  Ideal for those who start in this interesting universe!

How does dropshipping work?

 In case you did not know, Dropshipping is a variant of Ecommerce in which your store does not keep the products it sells in stock but instead you buy the merchandise from a third person, and then it is sent directly to the customer.

 Thanks to this, it is not necessary to invest too much money to start venturing into this type of sales.

 Be careful, obviously you will not become a millionaire overnight, but if you have patience, perseverance and research enough, you will be able to count on a source of extra income to meet your daily expenses.

 9 tips to increase sales to dropshippers

 Increasing sales in Dropshipping has never been an easy task, but there are several tools and good practices that can help you in this task.

 Because of this, we collect xx tips to increase sales in dropshipping.  Use the ones you consider necessary and start seeing changes in your earnings.

 Design a nice store
 Although the investment in dropshipping is very low, you need an online store that really attracts attention. As in any type of business, potential customers eat a lot with their eyes.

 Therefore, you need an online store in Shopify that is attractive and intuitive to make the purchase.  Although you can do dropshipping on other platforms, Shopify helps you do it in a simple way.

 In addition, the aesthetics of the stores in Shopify encourages you to know more about the products you offer and transmit security.

 Of course, you must accompany them with clear texts and precise information about every detail in this regard.  And since these types of online stores have a responsive design, anyone can see a clean site regardless of whether they are connecting through a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer.

Use a good customizable checkout

 By using a customizable checkout, you can simplify the checkout process and much more. But while there are many on the market, not all of them count enough to help you increase your dropshipping sales.  For this reason we introduce you to Shopipay, a perfect tool for your online store.

 Shopipay is a Shopify application that gives you the ability to improve the checkout process with a customizable page. As if that were not enough, you can include additional sales after each purchase.

 In this way, your customers will have the opportunity to purchase other of your products without re-entering their payment information.

 With ShopiPay you will create the perfect shopping experience for your store.

 And best of all, you can use it without paying a penny.  Unlike other customizable checkouts, ShopiPay has a totally free plan in which you are only charged a small commission per sale.

 Without a doubt, it is the best option for those who want to level up in the world of Dropshipping without having to invest money.

 Be careful, Shopify does not let you make these changes, but with this application you can.

 As you could surely see, it is a good tool to increase the sales of your virtual store.

 Advantages of Shopify:

  •   Additional sales after purchase in 1 click.
  •   It has a plan that you can use without investing a penny.
  •   20% increase in the average cart.

 Use SEO strategies
 As the internet is full of millions of websites all over the world, standing out above the competition can become a headache.

 Therefore, getting a good position in Google is key to obtaining new customers and so that those who know you can easily find your products or services.

 It is proven that users rarely go to the second page of Google. Due to this, it is essential to achieve a good organic positioning to increase sales with Dropshipping. Without a doubt, keywords are necessary to make the products you offer reach the right consumers.

 Search for a specialization
 In Dropshipping, all online stores must specialize in a niche. That is, focus on a particular product.

 Although many believe that focusing on something specific is limiting sales, with Dropshipping the opposite is true.

 Why?  Because communication becomes more effective and allows you to make a difference to your competitors.

 Don’t worry, when you start in the Dropshipping business, you may not know in which sector you will specialize.

 But when you have already explored the terrain well, it is up to you to identify the needs of your customers and focus on satisfying them.

 Who would you buy from if you are looking for a gaming mouse to play with your favorite games?  Any tech store or one that specializes in gaming gear?

 You will probably choose the second option.

Offer a quality service
 Having an excellent deal with clients will always be key to obtaining a good reputation among consumers.

 And in the dropshipping business, everything is due to the internet and the ease of sharing opinions on any subject.

 Do not mind losing some money if you have problems with a shipment or with suppliers, as long as your client feels happy.

 In this way, this will make him trust you and that increases the chances that in the future he will recommend your online store to his circle of friends.

 Establish convenient prices
 It is impossible to dropship with such a minimal profit margin that it hardly leaves you cash to work.  It is recommended that you look for profit margins of 60 or 70% so that you can take advantage of this type of sales.

 Do not participate in a price war
 When entering a price war, customers could stay with you for the sole reason of selling cheaper.  However, this strategy has a limit and that is that you cannot lower the price to the point of affecting your profit margin.

 If you want to prevent this from happening, then add value that goes beyond price.

 We are talking about the service, customer service or information you provide, for example.  Ideally, you want people to be happy with your brand and not just with the products you sell.

 Analyze each of your products
 That dropshipping allows you to work without stock in advance does not mean that you can add all the products you want to your store.

 Obviously this is possible, but it could harm you much more than you imagine.

 On the other hand, adding products of poor quality or with negative opinions could lead to dissatisfied customers and unnecessary product returns.

 In addition to the fact that returns incur costs, they create a negative image of your brand.  So avoid them as much as possible!

Analyze well the suppliers you work with
 You must be clear that not all providers offer the same possibilities and conditions in terms of prices. For this reason, it is essential to know your droppshipper well.

 There will be some that have good prices and others that not so much, there will also be those that impose a series of conditions and others that do not.  Take your time to figure out which one could be your perfect supplier and voila.

 As you have surely seen, it is very convenient to analyze your provider, their way of working and their conditions. In this way, you will work only with the best of the best, to reach an acceptable level of sales without having to deal with returns or dissatisfied customers.

 You have realized?  There are a lot of aspects that must be taken into account to increase sales in Dropshipping.

 And you, which of all of them would you like to apply in your online store?

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