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Dropshipping is a means of earning income without investing. Selling products from manufacturers and have them delivered to your customers by the manufacturers. No risk attached, you buy with customer’s money and earn your income.

We serve you to serve your customers. Any inquiries made by your customers that are beyond what you can provide answers to can be directed to us at welcome@ecovs.com or contacting us directly via the checkbox on our page.

Our website interface, product catalog and other information on the website are in English. You own the absolute control of your own website, you can translate to your desired language information from our website as long as you do not make any alteration to product specifications or add information that can mislead your potential buyers.

The choice is yours, your buyers have access to your website while you have access to our website. You can sell in your own currency but you can only pay us with USD ($).

All information about money transactions would be available on the Transactions section in your account.

To reduce the risk of refunding, we monitor and regularly update our product stocks and units daily. We also alert you on the availability of our products.

ECOVS is less concerned about how much you sell the products but excessively inflating the price may make you less competitive.

ECOVS products can be promoted on any other platform most especially those we partner with. There is no restriction on how you use our product descriptions and images as long as you don’t make any alteration that will mislead people about the product.

We update our products catalog every day. You have access to new products on a daily basis.

Monitoring your business to grow by generating traffic to your store and selling the products is your only investment. You do not need to buy any product, not to talk about worrying over storage areas. Product packaging and shipping to your customer is taking care of by the manufacturer and inventory management by us.

Upon signing up with ECOVS, you will receive a password and code to log in to your own account; with that, you can control all your activities. We provide useful information such as notifications, the status of your orders and other relevant information on our dashboard.

The size of your business and what you want determine the amount to pay. Choose one of our amazing plans that fit your business scale. Benefits that come with each plan are listed under it.

If you wish to purchase bulk order or stock of any specific product/s, it is advisable that you contact us and verify with us the specific amounts, costs, and quantities.

The information provided on our website is safe. ECOVS ordering system is using the latest Secured Encryption Technologies and high levels of technical security are used in receiving personal information.

Go to ECOVS and complete the payment for the customers orders. We will do the rest. 

Customers are entitled to return Products that are stated to be returnable within the speculated days. In such cases, the customer shall inform our customer service and ship the Products back through the Supplied Party, all in their original packaging and with no defect.

The Supplied Party shall refund the Customers the amount paid by them for the returned Products and we will add the amount paid to us to the Supplied Party’s current deposit.

The Supplied Party shall forward to us immediately their Customer’s complaint regarding a Damaged Product. And likewise, the Supplied Party shall be responsible to deliver the Damaged Product back to us in the very same state he received it.

This can only be determined by the local related laws and regulations.

Cancellation can only be one before the shipping of the order. This can be done by sending a cancellation request to our email.

Both you and your customer would be able to track the order. You will receive tracking numbers and basic order data via your account and your customer would also receive tracking numbers to monitor the movement of the order.

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