What Are the Retail Fulfillment Challenges?

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What Are the Challenges?

Product companies, merchandisers, and experiential marketing companies need their products and physical materials to be available in the store before they can send field reps to install them. Ensuring that fulfillment information is available to field reps and retail workers can be critical for products to actually be on the shelf. By making this information available in mobile retail execution software, reps have the visibility they need to find stock in the backroom, reorder additional products, or schedule their next store visit. Without fulfillment, field reps may have to revisit the store if the deliverables were not sent yet, which costs field reps precious time and costs their employees money.

There is also the chance that something will be miscommunicated between the work being scheduled and the appropriate information being sent to a delivery company (or department). To err is to be human, as they say.

Fulfillment helps ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

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